10 (costly mistakes that wives are doing) you must know.

10 costly mistakes that wives are making, you must know

These costly mistakes that wives are making in their relationship can easily destroy their marriage as quick as possible , so to avoid a broken relationship or marriage, you must learn how to avoid this mistakes
1: Prolonging silent treatment when offended to show you are angry, this makes you and your husband used to not talking and makes you and your husband draw further apart doing major damage to your communication.
2: Killing your social life in the name of being a good wife. Don’t isolate yourself, Have mature friends to surround you, to grow with you as a wife.
3: Over re acting or getting easily angry: when your husband reveals to you information and you over react, or you become highly suspicious or critical of him, that will discourage him from sharing matters with you in the future.
4: Using sex as a weapon: Never try to punish your husband by denying him sex. This will make him desire you sex less.
5: Listening to outside voice more than your husband: you and your husband know your marriage and issues concerning your marriage best, not your family or friends.
6: Sharing personal information with outsiders: There are things to tell your friends and there are best kept between you and your husband.
7: Attacking the symptoms not the issues: If your husband drinks too much, don’t attack the alcohol or your husband, find out what is making him drink and address the issues.
8: Dressing up when going outside and dressing poorly at home. Do not look good for outsiders and wear nice clothes when going to work or to the public but look pathetic with your husband at home or in the bedroom.
9: Comparing your husband with other men. Don’t keep telling your husband, why can’t you be like this man or that man.
10: Threatening divorce to scare your husband. Don’t Casually use the word divorce. Do not use threats.Do not tolerate thoughts of ending your marriage let you risk the danger of appearing irrational and indecisive

As a wife ,if you can avoid the 10 mistakes bet me you will have a happy and blessed home and live happily with your husband.

Thanks for reading, share to educate others and don’t forget to like and comment your opinion in the comment section, see you next time and have a blessed day.

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