All marriages are impacted by problems. Marital problems cause couples to seek a divorce on a daily base. Whether or not a marriage survives when a problem hits depends on the problem and how a couple decides to deal with that problem

Couples who are suitable to work together in resolving conflict are more likely to be suitable to save their marriage. Couples who warrant the proper conflict resolution chops may find themselves in divorce court for problems that could have fluently been answered.

Cause of marital problems

Causes of marital problems in relationship

1* Money problems.

Most couples argue over bills, debt, spending, and other Financial issues. How you decide to deal with money problems in your marriage will determine whether those problems has a negative or positive effect on your marriage.

Still, Mary and Jack are going to face having to resolve the problem of mary’s precious taste and Jack’s low income, If mary loves Gucci shoes and Jack has a blue collar job. I wouldn’t put money on Jack winning that argument and further than likely, mary has poor conflict resolving chops. I am sure that mary will be dissatisfied when she finds out that alimony is hard to get these days and indeed if she did, it wouldn’t cover the cost of a new brace of Gucci sandals.

2* Keeping Special Secrets

Then the ménage or the woman has special secrets which she would not like the mate to know. This is substantially in respects to money or people of the opposite sex.However, also that raises an eye brow, If a man or a woman doesn’t wish the partner to handle his/ her cell phone at all costs. It’s an index that the partner may be having affairs.

3*Careless Talk

One of the spouse is a careless talker. He/ she can talk or speak anything to anybody, on all matters, including his/ her family and more so the partner. This surely can bring a conflict or conflicts when the other partner discovers it.


Discipline, diet, and other parenthood issues can be sources of disagreement between couples. A child is the number one stressor in a marriage and can accentuate differences in beliefs on issues like how to punish, who’s responsible for most of the child care or what educational options to choose.

And, there’s the matter of lost sleep, who has to change dirty diapers, run after them when they start walking and the extravagant cost of daycare. It’s easy to see who children can put a strain on indeed the stylish marriage.


5* Repeated Mistakes

Either one or both the spouse repeat the same mistakes that they had formerly answered and agreed not to do them, only to see them being repeated and it seems designedly and arrogant.

6* Different levels of education

This may be a surprise to numerous. But the truth of the matter is numerous marriages today have lots of conflicts, just because the woman is more educated than the man, she has a more paying job, a better and further honorable office or possibly has a better car. The man may have inferiority complex making him to be submissive to the woman or the woman may develop superiority complex over the man therefore capsizing the family government.

7* Sex.

Frequence, quantity, quality, and infidelity are all common sources of stress and discord in a marriage. Withholding sex to punish a partner, breaks the marital bond. Cheating on a partner destroys trust. Sex can be a HUGE issue when it comes to undoing the promises you took.

Sex is awful until it is not presently!.

8* Jealousy

Being jealous can turn a marriage sour, especially if the jealous feelings are unrealistic. Jealous persons can come tyrannous and controlling or angry andrejecting.However, see a counselor to decide wither your feelings are reasonable, If you’re feeling jealous. You may have an attachment problem that needs to be bandied with a competent counselor.

Value Differences

9* Time apart.

Time apart and a lack of quality time together causes couples to come out of sync with each other. Having shared interests and activities you participate in on a regular base helps couples stay connected.

Military couples fall victim to this problem in their marriages. Enduring long deployments and constant temporary assignments down from home couples have to have a special bond for a marriage to last.

10* Tedium

Doing the same old thing can get tiresome and it’s hard to make changes in a comfortable relationship until it’s too late. Doing something new from time to time can add spark and spice to a relationship.

11* Value Differences

When a couple has core value differences, similar as religious preferences, that can beget serious problems. They may have major dissensions about what religion to educate their children. Other differences include how to punish, delineations of right and wrong, or other ethical conflicts. Everyone doesn’t grow up with the same values, morals, or pretensions and there’s lots of room for debate about right and wrong.However, they may have serious problems in their marriage, If a couple ca n’t learn to acclimate to different values.

12* Household Responsibility

Numerous couples argue over indifferent distribution of household work, and how to do it. Rather of sitting down and dividing household chores fairly they quibble over who did or did n’t do what. Do not quibble or divide up chores, you are grown-ups, if you see something that needs to be done, do it. Or, decide together to resolve ménage chores grounded on those you each enjoy or can tolerate the stylish.

13* Egoism

Still, it’s only a matter of time before the neglected partner begins to feel rejected and unloved, If one partner constantly places his or her needs above the pretensions and interests of the marriage. Getting wedded involves give and take rather than getting your own requirements met all thetime.However, that’s a form for disaster, If one partner dictates the terms of the marriage and wo n’t compromise.

14* Friends.

Not all friends are helpful to relationship, some of them are toxic. Be sure you know the difference between a friend who’ll enhance your relationship and one who’ll break it down.

15* Irritating habits.

Numerous people are married to someone who has one or further habits they find undesirable. My partner Never got angry with me. I ask him once why and told him there had to be thimgs I did that bothered him. He responded by telling me he “ loved everything about me.” This was shortly before he decided he no longer loved me! So, don’t be hysterical to point out habits that irritate you, just be sure you do it in anon-defensive way.

16* Emotional or Sexual Infidelity

A common problem in numerous marriages is for the couple to come emotionally distant. When this happens, it’s likely he or she may start looking around. Emotional infidelity can lead to infidelity and infidelity is destructive of a marriage. It’s important for every couples to bandy and agree on what constitutes infidelity.

17* Ignoring Boundaries

It’s not uncommon for one partner to try to change his or her mate. Whether it’s how he or she dresses or about abecedarian beliefs, trying to change your partner will feel like a particular irruption and may spark guard oranger. Overpassing boundaries can destroy collective trust. The result is likely to be retribution or pullout from the relationship.

18* Expectations

We all go into marriage with certain expectation. most of the time, marriage is the contrary of what we anticipated. We glamorize marriage and come disillusioned once those romantic prospects are n’t met. Unmet expectations are a major source of conflict in marriages.

19* Daily Stress

Daily stressors do n’t need to equal marriage problems, but they can complicate problems that formerly live. When one mate has had a stressful day, they may be more likely to be intolerant when they get home, may handle conflict less consummately, and may have lower emotional energy to devote to nurturing their relationship. When both mates have had a delicate day, this of course is only aggravated.

20* Family.

In- laws, siblings, children and step- children can all produce stress within a marriage. When managing with negative issues because of family step gently. Our partner should come first but there are times you have to be willing to take a backseat and suck your lingo.

21* Personality conflicts.

Is your personality ruining your marriage? There are personality traits that can doom a marriage to failure. Are you a conflict avoider? Do you like to “ one-up your partner? Do you bend over backward to please your partner, neglecting your requirements in the process? If you answered yes to any of these, your need to work on changes these negative personality traits.


How marital problems affect marriage

How marital conflict ( problems) affects marriage relationship.

When husband and wife are unable to navigate their dissensions, they fall into fairly predictable patterns of behavior, as suggested by the four stages of marital conflict.
It’s important to fete that all of these stages are dysfunctional. The stage of negotiating and compromising can appear to be positive, but it’ll fall piecemeal without commitment and a mature understanding of the difficulties and distractions that must be overcome.

When marriage communication breaks down, feelings are hurt, feelings run grandly, and results feel out of reach. When marital conflict and children live in the same home, the damage is multiplied.

Effective Marital Communication

Marriages do n’t have to end up this way because of conflict. With effective communication and conflict resolution chops, couples can work through their problems, rather than avoiding or forcing the issues.However, start learning better ways to communicate with your husband, If you recognize any of these negative stages in your own marriage.

Still, consider visiting a marriage therapist to help educate you effective strategies, If conflict continues to go undetermined.

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