Love language (Gift giving):Some principles to know when giving gifts.

What is gift giving

The Gift Giving Love Language is all about sharing your love through the exchange of gifts! Looking for ways to do that with the people you love? Here’s some great tips plus 8 great gift ideas

What does it mean if gift giving is your love language?

In general, it means that you feel the best and most loved when you’re giving and receiving gifts.

“If your primary love language is gift-giving, it means that you express your love by giving others presents, “The gift is an overt demonstration of your love and appreciation for the person receiving it.”

The gifts “tend to be personalized” and are designed to “bring joy and pleasure” to the person you’re giving them to.

Love language (gift giving).

Signs your love language is gifts giving

Words are nice, but a physical representation of love you can hold in your hands feels so much more real and meaningful.

1* You regularly do thoughtful gestures like bringing back two coffees or bringing someone a cup of tea in the afternoon.

2* You always remember small hostess gifts, or gifts to mark even small special occasions

3* Everyone’s amazed at your stellar gift-giving ability. You always find unique items the receiver cherishes

4* A fancy, expensive piece of jewelry might mean as much to you as a single flower depending on who gave it to you and why.

5* When your partner gives you one of their most-used pieces of clothing, you live in it—not only because it smells like them but because it was something of theirs that they clearly loved and chose to give it to you anyway.

6* You can tell the difference between a last-minute, generic gift and one that someone really put some thought into—and that difference matters a lot to you

7* You always remember small hostess gifts, or gifts to mark even small special occasions


8″ You remember to bring back gifts from trips for loved ones

9* You’re the type of person who really cares about birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving holidays, and you’d honestly be a little hurt if your partner didn’t go out of their way to get you something really special

10* Surprise flowers and token items—like a cup of coffee or snack from the vending machine—mean a lot to you

11* You never miss gifting your partner something “traditional” for anniversaries, like a paper item for one year together or a cotton item for two.

12* You treasure anything a partner gives you, whether it’s the most expensive thing on your wish list or a single flower they plucked off the side of the road.

Giving Vs Receiving Gifts Love Language

It’s been argued that giving gifts and receiving gifts love language are two different things. What do you think?

While it’s true that I love giving gifts, I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable when I’m getting one!

Though the love languages don’t split up gifts into 2 categories, it’s very possible that someone can feel love far more by either giving or receiving gifts. But the idea that gifts are expressions of love is true for the gifts love language whether you’d rather give or receive.

What Makes A Good Gift?

Is it how much you spend that makes a more thoughtful gift? It depends on the person, but usually that’s not the case!

Most people who feel love through gifts would say that a sweet gift, no matter the cost can bring some serious loving feelings!

The key to the perfect gift is often thoughtfulness, not money

How to recognize that your partner love Language is Gifts giving/ receiving

Wondering whether your partner’s primary love language is receiving gifts? If the following characteristics ring true for your relationship, this could be their heart’s preferred parlance.

How to recognize your partner love language

1* When traveling, they always leave room in their luggage for souvenirs to give others

2* Shopping — whether online or in stores — is more of a treat for them than a task.

3* They pride themselves in picking the perfect, personalized gifts for every occasion

4* They always have an arsenal of wrapping paper and gift bags for all occasions

5* They always have an arsenal of wrapping paper and gift bags for all occasions

How to Satisfy Your Partner’s Gift-Giving Language

If speaking the gifts love language doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s still important to try learning it if it’s the one your partner speaks. Research has connected using a partner’s love language with increased feelings of love and greater relationship satisfaction.

“Just like you put a filter on an Instagram post, look at things in your daily life through the lens of gift-giving,” suggests Williams. “If you pass a bakery every day on the way home from work, look at it through the lens of ‘Your partner will really feels loved when you bring them gifts’ and stop in for a pastry before heading home.”

“They don’t have to be big purchases,” Williams adds, “and they don’t have to be all the time. They’re just little reminders that they’re always on your mind, and the tangible evidence to prove it.

Some principles to know when giving gifts

1* The cost isn’t important.

This is similar to the above principle. The most precious part of the gift isn’t the cost, but the intention.

You may be tempted to buy the most costly thing you can find for your partner.

Don’t do that. Keep within your budget and don’t forget to focus on the purpose behind giving that gift.

Love is something money cannot buy. You can give Ferraris and whole islands and jet planes to your partner but if there is no true intention behind the gifts, your partner can feel it. Your partner will (most of the time) know that you do not truly love him/her.

And this would cause giving gifts to backfire.

2* It can be handmade.

The gift doesn’t have to be bought.

Again it all comes back to point 1. Thought.

You may be a person very good at handicraft (unlike me).

Put those talents to good use!

Find an intention to fulfil, and use your handiwork to achieve that purpose.

When your partner sees the time you took to make that gift, they may feel even more touched than you buying one from a shop.

After all, if you could make nicer notebooks than ones bought from stores, who is going to stop you?

And for a start, here is a list of 8 ideas to begin with. I can’t emphasise enough; this list of gifts isn’t as important as your intention behind the gift!

Don’t be restricted by special occasions.

You don’t need an occasion to give your partner a gift. Yes, giving a gift on his/her birthday is important and necessary, but you don’t have to be restricted by those dates.

By giving your gift on any possible day, you add in the element of surprise. This will likely cause your partner to feel even more loved because it sends the message that you are constantly thinking about him/her.

Side note: Although you can give it on any date, not giving gifts to your partner on their special occasion (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) may spell disaster! He/she views receiving gifts as the main form of receiving love and not receiving a gift on that day may cause them to assume that you don’t care!

3* It’s the thought that matters.

The question you should ask yourself is, why are you giving your partner/friend the gift? What is your intention behind it?

Remember the key is not to “buy your way to another person’s heart”, but to show that you are thinking about your partner.

To give an example, if your partner is feeling stressed out at work, could you give them an “anti-stress pack”? The inside could contain essential tips on how to relief stress, some sweets, etc.

Your partner can see the thought behind the gift – to prevent him/her from becoming overly stressed out.

I know it can be kind of confusing as I’m telling you to give your partner a gift, but oh the gift isn’t that important.


For your partner whose primary love language is receiving gifts, this is what I suggest you first do. Before you even buy them the gift, assume that you are not giving him/her any gifts at all. From there, ask yourself, “In which aspect of his/her life does my partner need increased satisfaction/happiness?”

How to please your partner with gifts

Ways to Please a Partner Who Loves language is Receiving Gifts

If you’re in a relationship with someone who speaks the love language of receiving gifts, you might be worried that this spells bad news for your bank account. The reality, however, is that you don’t need to earn a six-figure income in order to keep your partner’s “love tank” full of fuel. To increase your fluency in the love language of receiving gifts, here are some tips to help you cater to your partner’s needs — without breaking the bank.

1* Give Gifts When They’re Down in the Dumps

If your partner is feeling blue, a small reminder of how strongly you feel for them can change their day completely.

2* Embrace the Art of Gift-Giving

View choosing presents for your partner as a skill to be honed and always try to choose items with sentimental value.

3* Put Thought into Every Offering

A seashell that symbolizes a magical moment can mean far more than a fancy pair of earrings or expensive electronics

4* Remember Their Reactions

As time goes by, your partner’s reaction to your gifts might slip your mind. Keep a record of their responses to identify what they like most.

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