11 key reasons why men/husband cheat in relationship/ marriage

Why do men cheat in marriage despite having beautiful women?” is a question I hear a lot.

Men do enjoy being around beautiful women, particularly those who know how to project glamour and beauty all of the time. Yet, it’s common to wonder why some men cheat despite having beautiful women.

A lot of people thinks men cheat because they like to taste new things. Still, most times it goes beyond that. While numerous men who cheat are tagged bad and miscellaneous, some good men are forced to do so because of the situation in their marriage. A man who enjoys his marriage will most probably not cheat on his woman. On the other hand, a man who has a shaky marriage with problems will nearly clearly cheat.

Reasons men cheat

Reasons men cheat in relationship

1* His friends are cheaters

When it comes to learned actions, men are also likely to cheat if their friends are cheaters. Meaning, if you are wondering if your man may be cheating on you, it’s important to take a near look at his group of friends in terms of their once infidelities. After all, exploration has plant that over 75 percent of men who cheat have a close friend who also cheated. And for these men, cheating becomes one further combined experience that they can bond over, as they’ve a collective understanding and analogous view on cheating, which enables them to openly bandy it without judgment.

2* Vengeance infidelity.

Some people act out and cheat out of wrathfulness, jealousy, or a desire for vengeance. Indeed if their mate hasn’t cheated on them, if they have done something to upset their mate ( i.e., having a close fellowship with another man, They’ll end up cheating to make a point.


3* He is addicted to sex.

“In veritably many cases, there are people who have a licit sex dependence. Sex triggers dopamine receptors — the pleasure center of the brain. And like anything additional that triggers dopamine — see cocaine, heroin — it can be addicting. For some people, dopamine activates further from sex than from other things.”A lot of people try to use it as a bobby out, however, Guys, do not do that. Remember” veritably many cases.

They are floundering with substance abuse.

Still, cases of infidelity may come much more likely, If one mate is dealing with a substance abuse problem.”When we come addicted like that, it creates and impulse- driven, further immature interpretation of ourselves. Numerous relationship fall piecemeal after one mate came addicted to anodynes after a surgery, for illustration.

4* He is feeling depressed or anxious.

Everyone behavior depressed feelings and anxiety to a certain degree. The issue is whether or not those studies come from therelationship.However, paralyzed in some way, or angry with his mate,”If he is feeling lonely within his relationship. It could clearly lead a man to cheat. Still,”it’s important to note that cheating (tends to) complicate being anxiety and depression.” Therefore, the circle remains unbroken.

5* They are seeking validation

Feelings of instability and low self- regard can also drive someone to cheat, particularly if they are not getting that validation in their own relationship.However, they may cheat to look for external validation, If people do not feel seductive enough to their mate. Sexual issues ( similar as erectile dysfunction) can also drive someone to” look for someone newer and more instigative to prove to themselves that they are still sexual potent and able.

6* An Ex walked back into the picture.

It’s the tale as old as time the one that got down.”A lot of times when we are in a rough spot in our current relationship
We tend to qualify the good.”

And when an Ex shows up,”we remember that spark.” So you’ve got a situation where he is ignoring the good parts about his current relationship and ignoring the bad parts — the parts that likely led to the bifurcation in the first place — of his old relationship. That is a form for disaster.

men cheat because they choose to

7* Men cheat because they choose to

Nothing “ makes” men cheat on their mates, men cheat because they choose to.
Infidelity is a choice. He’ll moreover choose to do it or choose not to.

Infidelity is the incarnation of undetermined issues not dealt with, a void that’s unfulfilled, and the incapability to completely commit to the relationship and his mate.

Husband cheating on woman isn’t something that happens. It’s a choice that the husband has made.

8* Men cheat for avoidance, culture, value

“ There’s no one defining factor that determines infidelity.

Still, the three areas listed below are strong factors working in accord that can determine if one makes a choice to cheat on their partner.

Avoidance: fear of looking at our own actions and choices. Feeling wedged or not being sure of what to do represents a fear of making a different choice.

Culturally ingrained: If society, parents, or societal leadership condones infidelity as a value where we may no longer see cheating as a negative behavior.

Value: If we see maintaining marriage as an important value (outside of abuse), we will be more open and willing to make new choices that work towards maintaining the marriage.

9* Egoism

“ On the face, there are numerous reasons why men cheat.

Similar as “ Grass is greener,” feeling asked, the exhilaration of the subjection, feeling trapped, unhappiness, etc. Under all those reasons and others, it’s enough simple, egoism. -the egoism that hampers commitment, the integrity of character, and recognizing another above tone.

10* Men need their pride stroked

“ The one most common reason is particular instability that creates a huge need to have their pride stroked.

Any new “ subjection” gives them the vision that they’re the most awful, which is why men have affairs.

But because it’s grounded on external confirmation, the moment the new subjection complains about anything, the dubieties are back with a revenge, and he needs to look for a new subjection. This is why men cheat.

On the surface, he looks secure and indeed arrogant. But it’s instability that drives.

11* Men cheat due to lack of appreciation

“ While there are multitudinous stated reasons, one theme that runs through them for men is the lack of appreciation and attention.

Numerous men feel they work hard for their families. They internalize their feelings, and can feel they’ve been doing much and not entering enough in return. This explains why men cheat.

The affair offers the occasion to admit admiration, blessing, new attention, seeing themselves again in someone differently’s eyes.

7 Characteristic of a cheating man/ husband

1* He’s manipulative

A cheating husband will exploit you emotionally by using your weakness and make you question your recollection of events.
He can indeed condemn the reason for his cheating on your excrescencies.

1* Narcissism

Most frequently, cheaters are egoists, or at the veritably least, they’ve numerous analogous narcissistic rates. For illustration, they’re selfish, greedy, and frequently suppose only of themselves. A egocentric generally feels a sense of annuity and will do whatever necessary to feed the”narcissistic force”. Wikipedia defines”narcissistic force.


2* His friends start distancing themselves from you

A sign that your husband is cheating is when his friends start avoiding you.
They will either feel shamefaced for hiding the secret or uncomfortable around you and will rather avoid speaking to you.

3* Deception

A cheater can look you directly in the eyes and tell a taradiddle without indeed blinking. They’ve been known to tell altitudinous tales that are so outrageous, that you can’t help but believe them. We tend to believe them because they’ve perfected the taradiddle, which makes it sound hugely satisfying.

4* He’s generally fixated on his mobile devices

You can’t get a infidelity husband down from his phone.
Either he’s communicating to his lover or securing his phone from prying eyes.


5* Jealousy

What goes around comes around — or at least that is what they suppose! Cheaters constantly question you and constantly charge you of unhappy behavior or being kittenish. The very fact that they’re able of being treacherous puts them on the protective and paranoia setsin.However, they assume their mate must be doing it also, If they’re doing it. They’re so deep into their life of falsehoods and deception that instability sets in and they begin to charge you of not only cheating, but lying, flirting.

6* He becomes secretive with all his actions

A cheating husband becomes secretive, hiding the little things from you.
He refuses to tell you his movement for the day and is reticent to carry you to events for fear that you might run into his nut.

7* Insecurity

The saddest part of a cheater’s personality is that they frequently carry emotional scars from their history. Numerous treacherous mates were emotionally abused as children, were ignored or had love and attention withheld. Occasionally, their own part models were in meddled-up connections. They’re frequently emotionally dependent on their consorts or mates. The very thing they ask is the thing that causes them to cheat in the first place. Their fear of being alone is so huge that they need a backup plan; they need to know that someone is always available to them.

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