I have become the monster she made of me and she my prey

My mom has never loved me,not even once. Well that I can say since I have grown to feel and reason.

I am always the one at the receiving end, the scapegoat, the victim.

There are times when she will grip me tightly, spank me and hit me profusely with a broom, then she will leave me to drown in the pool of my own tears without an atom of sorry from her. Whose mom does that?

I often ask myself if she takes delight in causing me suffering and agony

I often ask myself if she takes delight in causing me suffering and agony but I’m met with no answers, shivering in my own thoughts and wonders.

Ade! Adeoluwa as she often calls my father in a disrespectful and harshlful tone that can pull off the roof of the archaic one storey building with worn out exteriors and broken Louvre ” come take this your misfortune out of here before I skin him alive” that she says groaning and yelling like father, like son.

Slowly my father would walk towards me his eyes red and bulging out, his hands shaking, you can easily tell his terrified.


A man with no willpower of his own, without a voice, a castrated man.

Adeolowa Adegunju my beloved daddy was once a banker. He worked at infinite global West African bank. A reputable and industrious senior accounting and marketing officer.

He was sacked for the alleged sum of fifty million naira misplaced transaction, his accounts were frozen, his landed properties were all confiscated.

A traumatizing experience that caused him hypertension which resulted to a partial stroke. Thank God he’s still breathing.

Tonight i vowed never to be like my father, never to be so fragile, weak and feeble.

I have decided to earn the love and respect of my beautiful mother, I want to make her proud.

At night before she goes to bed, I will brew her detox and lime tea for her and place it on the edge of her wardrobe. This she takes every night.

This morning she didn’t wake up to scold me again, she is sleeping and still sleeping, now she can have an enternity of rest. Yes i poisoned her brew, I have become the monster she made of me and she my prey.

I am certain my mother will be very proud of me, she died when i was barely twelve years old.



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