How I was Deflowered by a man I called father

At puberty I lost mom into the cruel hands of death and was raped by dad at the age of twenty-one. Those were the saddest days of me. Staring through the sky, hoping to see an angel of consolation, not even a friend to share my bounden with. As tears began to roll ceaselessly down my cheeks, my head lowered in grief. My heart heavied, and bones were too weak to stand. I laid hopelessly on the matress groaning, when I noticed the blood was still dripping in between my legs.

Say no to rape

Dad had refused to remarry after the demise of mom. Several efforts made by his brothers to ensure he remarried according to the tradition, he turned off. He would snobbed whenever the issue been lifted, to an extent they decided to allow him make his choice.
I visited dad in Enugu, for over ten years I was staying with Aunt Mary in Ibadan. He was at the sitting room watching a movie when I served his meal on a table in front of him. I observed he was staring on me lustfully. “Could that be an admiration? I thought as much as I left to my room. Putting on bumshorts while at home has been my normal dressing pattern in aunt Mary’s, After all. So I didn’t see it as an immoral act.


Ever since I returned, dad has been behaving so wild. He was either busy looking on my curves or asking somewhat strange questions. I kept thinking what those of him meant.
Few minutes later, I have already changed the bumshorts when he called. “What happened to the short you wore? he queried.” “Nothing dad, I just feel like removing it,” I replied.” He wanted to know if I was busy inside. So he demanded, “Why not join me on the movie? “Ok dad” I nodded.” I wanted to took bath before his call came in. So, I decided to keep him accompanied. He asked me to sat very close to him. Yes, I did. Lifting my butttock a bit, guess what? I Leaned on his shoulder. He took the remote control and changed the TV channel from ROKs to ZEE WORLD. That was a romantic movie displaying, “Dad are you missing mom? I asked pitifully.” He stared and smiled without uttering a word.
The movie was so interesting. I have beginning to enjoy it when NEPA took off electricity. I murmured and hustled into the bathroom. My eyes were strictly tightened to avoid soap fume entering into them. Suddenly, something hissed. I thought the sound was coming outside the room. I proceeded, bending to scoop water again, it hissed louder. Lo and behold, it was a very big black snake crawling towards me. I hurriedly pushed forward the bucket of water on it and jumped over. I took to my heels nakedly towards dad for rescue.
Afterwards, I was afraid to sleep in my room alone. So I decided to sleep in dad’s room because of ophidiophobia. Sleep has refused to come. I was awake till 1:30am. Shortly, I felt a touch on me. It was dad’s hand. I felt guilt within my heart but kept mute. As the touch kept progressing from normal to what’s unknown. I decided to resist it but he insisted. I called out, “Dad stop! He began to plea to have my body. I thought he was joking, until he started kissing and cuddling me. I jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. But he ran faster than I and grabbed my waist. I wanted to scream but he threatened to strangle me. He draged me back to the bed. Probably because his strength was stronger than I, I was unable to struggle out. He tried to convince me but I was not reciprocating. He began to beat me. Forcefully, he tore my pants. I screamed but no one came for my rescue.
Some minutes later, he climbed down on me. By then, everything was over. I wept and wept and wept… Indeed I have lost the two- mom and virginity.

Say no to rape


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