14 Facts to know when dating a married man

  1. He drops you off and drives back to his wife and kids.
  2. He throws away used Condoms as he goes home.
  3. He buys sweets to clean your fragrance no matter how expensive it can be
  4. He forgives himself for cheating as he is driving to the mother of his Children.

4 He first takes shower to remove your unwanted sweats.

Fact to know when dating a married man
  • He then convinces him self that he can’t leave his Wife and Children because of you.
  • He hugs her and ask his children about education.
  • He eats food cooked by his wife not two pieces of KFC he bought for you.
  • After eating he relax on the couch, and they both go to the bedroom.
  • They discuss about the future while she is lying on his chest.
  • Then they make love (Not sex which he had with you).
  • He doesn’t take bath after it because he is used to that Aroma of his Wife.
  • She continues lying on his chest while discussing their investment, policies and planning their Anniversary.
  • And you are alone struggling with sex because he just did a fast.
  • He gave you 100k and your Mother is boasting that she has a discplined daughter not knowing that you are slowly turning to the resting zone of a bored Husband of some one.

My sister it is not too late, know your values and have goals that Man will never take you anywhere. Find your own Man and God will surely bless you.

Dating a married man is like driving a government car, it can never be yours

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