I was blinded by my hatred and now I succeeded in ruining my own life

I sat in the room oblivious of what was going on around me
We were in the court room and my fate was being decided, my mum, my dad, my Sisters were all there, at the far end of the court room I could see some eyes looking into my soul, and I knew she was there, my best friend, I could read the pain and pity in her eyes and also the love she tried to communicate to me, and somehow I regretted everything I did….

Death by hanging

“…….. Death by hanging..”
Those were the words of the judge I heard that jolted me out of my thoughts, I knew my fate has been decided, I was to die, yes! I looked at my family, especially my mum she was weeping uncontrollably, she was begging on her knees, I looked at my sisters they weren’t left out, I looked at my dad… He had a distant look, missed with pain, regret and something else I couldn’t fathom, and for the first time since this case started I cried, the officer beside me could not help but sigh, maybe he felt pity for my young life that was about to be sniffed out by own careless mistakes .

How it happened……..
I was just a secondary school student in my final year, and of course the excitement of leaving secondary school in a few months was thrilling. My name is Mercy, I’m 19yrs old, I have 3 friends, Peace, Rejoice and Bukky, I wasn’t a bright student nor an average but at least I was not among the least students in my class, but my friends were extremely bright and I was the only dullard among them, but we all got along very well.
There was this new girl in my class I hated so much, she was called Summer. Everyone in my class loved Summer, but I hated her, I hated her because she was beautiful, intelligent, smart, she was everything I couldn’t be, I hated her for being happy, for being born into a rich family, for having a perfect life, my hatred grew so much I couldn’t hide it anymore, everyone knew I hated her but no one could tell the reason, but Peace my best friend knew I was jealous, as a friend she called me aside and talk to me about it but somehow that managed to destroy our friendship.
My hatred for Summer grew to an extent that all I could think of was to kill her, I sought for means to do it until one day I succeeded…..


It was a bright Wednesday morning, I was among the few early students and Summer was already in school, I smiled when I saw her, I have carefully hatched my plan the other night and was ready to carry it out,. As usual she was full of smiles and was happily chatting with our classmates as I passed her to the restroom.
When I got to the restroom, I called Summer to the roof top, I told her I had something important to show her and as expected she didn’t realize I was the one.
She ran to the rooftop and I got there I saw her looking around obviously searching for the person that called her out, she didn’t see me coming, and so I pushed her down from the rooftop, but I was unlucky or maybe karma was just too quick in catching up with me, the school CCTV camera captured the scene, it didn’t take long before the police came and I was taken away……

As I stood in the court room that morning, about to be taken out for execution, I could not help but regret my actions, caused by jealousy, I was stupid, I was blinded by my hatred and now I succeeded in ruining my own life ….
I was still lost in my thoughts and reflection when the officer nudge me at the side to move, it was time for me to go, I cast one last glance at my family and walked out to the black maria van waiting outside, and as the door shut I knew I have shut from the world forever…. fiction

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