What a big tragedy: (Her skull cracked open living her brain outside as blood gushed out like a running tap).

I have been so weak and feeble today because of what had happened to my friend few days ago.

Anita used to be my friend but even in death, she still is my very close friend.

We often go to work together and sometimes come back together. It’s not like we work in the same office but we have a meeting point after work.

Her skull cracked open living her brain outside as blood gushed out like a running tap.

It was a Tuesday. A black Tuesday for me as we didn’t return home complete.

Anita and I met at out usual meeting spot after work. Took taxi to Apo roundabout.

Then we took an autorickshaw (Keke) from the round about to get home.

There were already two passengers at the back seat; A handsome young man and a pretty young girl. So I sat at the back, making three passengers while my friend sat with the rickshaw driver at the front.

It was a smooth ride until we heard a bang. And before anyone could say jack… My friend Anita toppled over the road. The rickshaw came to a halt. But before we at the back could come out, a moving trailer already crushed Anita 😭😭😭😭😭

My heart bleeds as I’m typing this right now. This was such a bad sight to behold.

Her skull cracked open living her brain outside as blood gushed out like a running tap.

Her hand was still breathing. I watched in anguish as it dangles on the ground.

But my friend, Anita, was still laying under the trailer as the driver immediately stopped when he heard people scream.

Everyone was crying but I was just too shocked to cry. I just watched my friend lay helpless on the ground.

If I had knew, I would be the one to sit where she sat. What will I tell her parents? 😭😭

How will I convey the message that their only child was crushed by a trailer. How? 😭😭😭

Tuesday was the worst day of my life 😭😭😭😭

My friend just left in a horrible and terrifying manner.


I could still vividly recall how I was telling the rickshaw driver to drive carefully when I noticed how rough he drove. But before I would repeat myself, it was already too late 😭😭😭😭

Anita left me. She left her parents. She left this world. I just wish someone would tell me it’s a dream and that Anita is fine. 😭😭😭

I finally called her parents to let them know what had happened but I was even more shocked by their response.

“It’s the lord’s doing. It’s better to have no child than have my money wasted on a female brat.” The dad said, leaving me benumbed.



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