I watched as messages trooped into my phone in hundreds; my nude pictures were all over the Internet

It wouldn’t take long and my family would see it —
I walked to and fro my room confused, thinking of what to do…It would get worst if my family got to know themselves
My dad especially was going to get mad at me…Only God knew what he would even do to me…I was just eighteen years old; you know what that means

“Mummy…I’m sorry…I didn’t know what came over me” I said crying as I knelt before her

I was just eighteen years old; you know what that means🤧

“ah…ah…what is it?…what is the problem?” my mum asked looking confused

“I’m so sorry mummy…trust me, I didn’t mean to do this…I didn’t know he was going to post them online” I said still crying

“Post what biko…I still don’t understand what you’re saying” she said still looking confused


“I sent someone, a friend my…my…nude pictures…and…and…he…he…uploaded the…seem…online” I stammered

“You did what?!” my mum screamed in shock

“No mummy…it’s not what you think…I didn’t want to do it but…but…he was persuading me and since we were friends…i…I trusted him” I said defensively still crying

“Why will you do that Stella?… Which of your friends self…do I know him?” my mum asked worriedly

“It’s Stephen mummy,” I said still crying

“Stephen James?…he did this to you?” my mum asked shocked

It was a shock to her —Stephen was like a family to us
Nobody expected him to do such a thing to me

“He must be punished for this treacherous act!” my mum said angrily as she went over to her handbag to take her phone

No matter how much I tried to stop her, she still insisted on him being arrested
It wasn’t just a blow to me but to the family; my family was of a very high reputation
My father was known and highly respected.

“The police are here,” my mum said as she climbed down the staircase to the door

“Good day ma” the policeman greeted

“Good day” my mum responded

“We found out that Mr. Stephen James wasn’t the one behind the uploading of the pictures,” the police said as we both stood there looking confused

“I don’t understand what you’re saying…My daughter said he sent the pictures to him” my mum said still confused

“Yes, she did but the pictures were uploaded on the website by your son Chukwuebuka
He sent the pictures to him and without viewing the pictures first, uploaded them!
According to Stephen, uploading girls’ nudes is something Chukwuebuka loved doing for fun. He specially created a site for it!” the police officer said

“So my brother was behind this?!!!” I yelled crying as I ran into my room


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