I made him jealous by giving him (love potions): Now am regretting my actions

i have a confession..šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢ i and my male bestie have been so good and close friends for over a year now, I have been his adivicer,his shoulder he leans on and he has been my adivicer,and I find peace when ever i would be with him he would visit my house and so did

.I was tired of hiding not until one day i told him that i love him

our friendship is a good one. a lot of people admired us saying i wish i had a friend like him,I wish i had a friend like herā€¦well let me cut it shot,things started to change when i started developing feelings for him i could bearly stand it anymore,whenever he tells me about his girlfriend i would bark like a hungry dog and he surely noticed


I was tired of hiding not until one day i told him that i love him;he told me i know and they was a time i also started to love you but i couldn’t tell you because i never wanted to loose this friendship and lastly you and i can’t date i have a girlfriendā€¦.i quite understood and i faked an apology and he said its fine he understandsā€¦.meanwhile i had plans in my mindā€¦one day i called him over for dinner and i had prepared fried groundnuts for him to eat after the delicious mealā€¦in the groundnuts i had put a potion. .I just wanted him by myself alone and I vowed to make sure he will dump his girlfriend.well my wish happened.whenever he sees me with a man he will be upset,he would come over at my place and we would make loveā€¦sometimes he would even stay for a weekā€¦I said it to my self yes,this is what i wanted the potion works..I was ever happy,he started losing interest in his girlfriend and whenever he is with her girlfriend he would metion my name not until they broke up and i was the happiest oneā€¦he came to me saying he needed comfort that he broke up with his girlfriend and i gave him a nice blow job which made him sleep over at my placeā€¦.note: all this well i was singleā€¦.few months later a certain gentleman fell in love with me he was the type that i neededā€¦i too staeted liking him well my bestie couldn’t just let me be! he confronted the guy telling him to leave me alone,he became so jealous that sometimes he will get my phone to check itā€¦now am tired of him! i want a man of my own a man that will marry me but he keeps on chasing themā€¦.I regret my actions

Thanks for reading

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