5 Common (cause of lack of communication): What to do when you can’t communicate in a relationship

A million different things can cause two people to stop communicating, but it’s not generally a good sign either way. For instance, stress in someone’s life can cause them to bottle things up and stop talking to those around them. They come wedged in their own little world, and as a result, nothing is really sure what’s going on. That means their mate can worry that they ’ve done something wrong, but when they ask, they ’re told there’s nothing wrong.

Cause of lack of communication

What Does Lack Of Communication Do To A Relationship?

1* You stop having sex

Communication is n’t just about the day- to- day stuff, it’s also about sex. For some sex is a means of connecting and creating closeness, for others it’s important to feel connected in order to feel sexual desire.

But no matter what sex means to you or what needs to be in place in order to spark sex drive – a lack of communication is infrequently an aphrodisiac.

In fact, a loss of communication can frequently be one of the reasons you ’re passing no sex drive whatsoever. This can beget you to question things and fret about the state of your relationship – but even if you ’re thinking “ I’ve no sex drive and it’s ruining my relationship ” – there are ways of rekindling the fire – and turning this negative trend into a positive, beautiful one

When answering the question of what does lack of communication do to a relationship – it’s also important to address how our everyday communication affects our sexual communication.

2* You become invisible

occasionally you ’re the one
who is n’t communicating, and other times, your mate is the one who has checked out.

But more frequently than not, the lack of communication is caused by both parties.

For illustration, some people feel it’s important to talk about everything, whereas others have learned to keep things to themselves, or to communicate through non-verbal communication.

Over time, these simple differences, if not honored, can lead to shutting down on both sides.

The person who wants to talk does n’t feel seen, and the person whose leverages formerly said more than a thousand words – say nothing.

rather of seeing each other and connecting about things you used to do – you only see yourself and your own point of view.

If this sounds like your relationship – know that you ’re not alone and it’s repairable.

3* It affects your health

A lack of communication can have consequences that affect more than just the relationship – it can affect your particular health, too.


occasionally, the lack is about the relationship being lost; the way you made each other laugh, the words of comfort you participated when worried, the leverages at the end of each day – vanish.

However, other times, lack of communication is in fact about communicating in the wrong way. Negative communication patterns replace the ways we used to connect and produce closeness, and end up taking a risk on our overall health.

Things like not being heeded to, passive-aggressive or lots of conflict, produce situations where you feel unappreciated.However, this can beget low- grade stress and anxiety
If you constantly need to defend yourself or feel like your mate has checked out.

What Does Lack Of Communication Do To A Relationship?

Cause of lack of communication in a relationship

1* Unhealthy/ toxic patterns of behavior

Communication in a relationship can break down more generally, when our existing patterns of behavior
and styles of communication are unhealthy, or having a generally toxic effects on our relationship. ways in which communication in a relationship can come unhealthy or dangerous. They include

Constant review – criticising a mate’s personality as opposed to their behavior
, which can soon turn into personal and hurtful attacks.

Contempt – a clear attempt to abuse or hurt your mate in your day- to- day interaction.

Defensiveness – if one mate feels they’re being victimised by another, also defensiveness can be a fairly common tactic in any disagreement.

This can lead to both mates being rooted in their point of view, which can more worsen conflict and communication breakdown, as neither party is willing to initiate apro-active result to the problem.

2* lack of trust

Trust and transparency are arguably the most abecedarian component for a successful relationship, and if they vanish, dispatches can break down very quickly. When trust is broken for any reason, restoring it can prove delicate.

Trust can break down for any number of reasons, including

Arguments over particular finances-( one mate may feel the other isn’t being transparent with how they spend money).

Infidelity – this can be one of the most dangerous causes of communication breakdown in a relationship, and it can be very delicate for trust to be restored if one party has been treacherous.

3* Loss of emotional intimacy – this frequently manifests itself in the feeling that one mate isn’t trusting the other with their deepest fears, secrets, expedients and feelings. The fear that one mate is being emotionally intimate with someone differently can be very dangerous to a relationship.

4* Lack of physical intimacy

Lack of physical intimacy can be both a symptom and a cause of communication problems. A lack of physical intimacy can also have a knock- on thing on other factors of the relationship, which can quickly lead to other communication problems to develop. This, in turn, can more complicate problems with physical closeness and your sex life.

Cause of lack of communication in a relationship

5* An external trauma or shock

An external trauma or shock can unnaturally change the dynamic of a relationship, and radically change our capability to communicate with our mate. External shocks or traumas can include

Sudden illness or health scares.
Penalty, or loss.
An accident or trauma.
Redundancy, or sudden unemployment
A traumatic event in our life can often change us as a person, so its not surprising that it can also change how we communicate with our mate or significant other. For illustration, losing a job can feel like a tremendous assault on our sense of self- worth, and pride may help us from opening up to a loved one about how we really feel. Likewise, we may warrant the emotional eloquence to be truly open with our mate about how we really feel in the fate of a penalty or sudden loss. Keeping lines of communication open in these cases is essential.

How to fix lack of communication in a relationship

1* Establish boundaries

The non existence of healthy boundaries is one of the signs of bad communication in a relationship. Boundaries are pivotal for a cooperation to thrive. They help you understand and admire your mate more, which can prove to work in your favor during fights and arguments. They ’ll make you feel more comfortable about opening up to each other and help avoid lack of communication in a relationship.

However, make sure you do not go to extreme while establishing boundaries as that can make your mate feel alienated. Healthy relationship boundaries can help you develop good communication chops, which, in turn, will help you understand and admire your mate on a deeper, emotional position. They ’ll also help you avoid any kind of miscommunication or misreading that may live.

2* Be Open And Transparent With Your mate

Some people might struggle with showing vulnerability in their relationship. The fact of the matter is, being in a relationship calls for participating sharing of yourself with your mate — both the good and the bad. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Let your guard down with your significant other; hiding your feelings can only lead to misunderstanding and more communication problems.

It can be scary violating heavy or sensitive motifs but if you continue to sweep the problem under the hairpiece, things will never get resolved and misunderstanding will continue to develop. You ca n’t anticipate to communicate effectively with one another when one or both of you’re unintentional to open up.


3* Be open and honest about your feelings

Another extremely important tip on how to fix lack of communication in a relationship is to be open and honest with your mate about your feelings. Hiding feelings or vulnerability is a major reason for lack of communication in a relationship. It’ll only cause resentment and misreading between both mates. You have to find ways to reconnect after a fight or feel close to each other as mates and one way to do that’s to initiate honest discussion.

However, you should be suitable to partake both the good and bad part of yourself with your mate, If you’re in a relationship. You should be suitable to be vulnerable or emotional and show your sins to your better half. No matter how big or small the problem is, never sweep it under the rug.However, say it, If something is bothering you. Do not hold yourself back. Ask questions.

4* Find The Right Time To Talk

There’s a time and place for everything. When deciding the right time to talk things out with your significant other, think beyond just a convenience of schedules. Sure, making time to fix a lack of communication in a relationship can be an trouble in itself. However, it can be just as important to make sure both of you’re actually in the right mindset to talk.

Make sure that neither of you is angry or worried when you ask to talk. Though we recommend being open and transparent with your mate, talking things out when one party is exorbitantly emotional can lead to poor communication. You’re more likely to say things you do n’t mean in heated moments, so be careful when your feelings are still on the rise as they might cloud your judgment and responses.

5* Notice each others ’ attachment style

Each existent’s way of handling or dealing with relationship is different. Every person’s understanding of relationship and attachment style depends on and is shaped by the care they received in their growing up years. The emotional bond that a child forms with their primary caregivers has a huge impact on their attachment style latterly in life.
However, it’s possible that you communicate out of anxiety or try to cover yourself by avoiding the discussion, If either of you has an insecure style of attachment.However, try to understand and figure out safer ways to communicate, If that’s the case. You can presumably take some time off to think or communicate in parts, bit by bit or via text or email.However, talk to them in a way that makes them feel safe and assures them of your feelings, If your mate has an anxious attachment style.

6* Be An Active Listener

Communication in a relationship is more than just an exchange of words. Being an active listener means being suitable to pay attention to the lowest of details about how your mate communicates. Focus on what they ’re saying and trying to get across as opposed to simply hearing the words that come out of their mouth.

It can be hard to put away your pride but stubbornly pushing your statement and refusing to hear the other person out will just worsen the situation. More frequently than not, contending with wanting to be heard can only lead to either party being silenced more. You won’t get anywhere with fixing a lack of communication in your relationship if you can’t even pay attention to what your mate is saying.

7* Be Generous With Your Affection

Showing more affection towards your mate is a great way of expressing your feelings and make your mate feel more loved and appreciated. In doing so, they will grow to come more at ease with you, which can help them open up to you on a important deeper and sentimental level. This can lead to more openings for open communication between the two of you.
Even when a lack of communication isn’t an issue for you, showing affection through words or behavior is a healthy practice worth maintaining in any relationship. Even showing affection through a simple gesture can make a big difference. Just be sure that when you express your affection, it’s independent of the circumstance or the atmosphere you ’re in.

8* Pay Attention To Non-Verbal Signs

Part of being an active listener means being suitable to pick up on your mate’s non-verbal actions and signals. This can include facial expressions, tone of voice, and eye contact. Take note of their body language both in and out of arguments or conversations. Though they might not express it in words, their non-verbal habits can be telling enough of how they ’re feeling.

On the other side of the diapason, your body language can play a pivotal part in how your mate perceives you. Keep yourself in check, as you might come off as aggressive or apathetic without even knowing it. This can lead to a lot of misunderstanding in the relationship when the other party misinterprets your response to the matter.

Being Further attentive to these details can bridge that lack of communication as you start to be more perceptive of your mate’s non-verbal cues. This way, you can help the argument from raising even more and try to resolve things early.

How to fix lack of communication in a relationship

What to do when you can’t communicate in a relationship

If your mate refuses to admit there’s a problem at all, I ’m afraid it’s time to sit down and seriously think about your future in the relationship, If communication simply doesn’t change despite tackling the problem head on.

No relationship lasts without open and honest communication. This does n’t have to be a constant drip of words throughout the day. It means talking about the important things in your lives and relationship.However, it principally means that you ’re not connected, If this is n’t happening.

When your mate mentally checks out of the relationship, there’s no turning back.However, wave farewell and walk down, If you ’ve tried to solve the issue and entered a slipup wall for your efforts. You can not and shouldn’t be in a relationship which does n’t allow you to express your feelings or your worries. Even, you should also be suitable to express your joy and the things which went on in your day. This is what keeps a relationship alive!

Not being able to communicate in a relationship means there’s no real respect on the other side. Is that what you really want?

Thanks for reading, please share to educate others and don’t forget to like and comment your opinion in the comment section. See you next time and have a great day

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