14 common cause of (relationship anxiety) and how it affect your relationship.

Identifying what’s behind your anxiety can take time and devoted self-exploration , since there isn’t a single clear cause. You might even have a hard time identifying potential causes on your own.

“ You may not be apprehensive of a reason for the anxiety, But no matter how it presents, the beginning reasons generally reflect a craving for connection. ”

Anxiety can impact every aspect of a person’s life. It affects how people suppose and feel, and it has physical symptoms.

Anxiety resembles fear, but when a person gests fear, they know why they’re hysterical. Anxiety is frequently less specific.

Some people are more prone to anxiety than others. Mild anxiety is vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety can be enervating.

Even for people who witness frequent or severe occurrences of anxiety, there are ways to manage it.

Cause of relationship anxiety

Cause of relationship anxiety

1* Loss of Trust In Relationship Future

Fluently the most common cause of anxiety is query about the future of the relationship. This can come from lots of fights, or it can come from Precious breakups, or it can come from growing distant. No matter the cause, when that trust that the relationship is going to work out is lost, the query can cause a lot of anxiety as you become doubtful of what to do with your life.

2* Core incompatibility

No matter how in love you feel, having different values, relationship and life pretensions and vision of the future of the relationship creates anxiety.

Disagreement or differing perspectives about where you want to live, how many children you want, how religious you’re or how money is spent spark anxiety, as you naturally contemplate how to move forward or if it’s time to walk down from the relationship.

You might wonder what you’re willing to give up or compromise on or what’s more important to you your own wants and needs or the relationship.

3* Fight Eggshells

Fighting frequently is a problem. But the problem is not just that fights involve anger – it’s also this general feeling of worry that you are going to fight again. This worry can cause significant anxiety because you come too afraid to do anything around the home since you’re upset another fight will be at any moment.


4* Negativity

Negativity in a relationship can be a toxic factor with communication that include criticism, affront or cracks at the other person. Daily negatively can be extremely draining for both parties and can lead to severe anxiety.

5* Stress

Of course, maybe the most over-arching reason that relationship anxiety is common in floundering relationship is that of long- term stress. Generally the stress develops over time, and long- term stress is known without a mistrustfulness to cause anxiety – ir can even cause anxiety diseases. So when you are in a tense relationship and you feel tense all the time, it’s not uncommon to show symptoms of anxiety not only in your relationship but out of it as well.

6* Doubt

Doubt is a major cause of anxiety, It can be paralyzing because you are constantly reviewing every move and wondering if this is the best place for you to be. ” Not a good look. “ You might not suppose you should date him or her one day and the coming day everything feels awful. ”

Still, try to release yourself by allowing yourself the freedom of not having to make any opinions about your relationship for at least a month, and relaxing into what is
If you ’re deep in doubt.

7* Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can occasionally contribute to relationship insecurity and anxiety.

Some aged exploration suggests people with lower self-esteem are more likely to misdoubt their mate’sfeelings when passing self-doubt This can be as a type of projection.

8* Distance

Distance coupled with a lack of communication can be a huge contributing factor for anxiety in a relationship. When your mate is physically far down from you, it can be delicate to feel reassured or sustained by them. ” even if you ’re talking and FaceTiming, you can still feel off.

“ It’s really important to rely on your words to convey what you’re feeling when you can not express yourself physically, So to combat the anxiety which could fluently be dissipated with a kiss, a clinch, a look, or a touch, you have to use your words. It may be a challenge at first, but it’s something that’s completely realizable. Do not feel bad telling your mate what you need from them. Closed mouths do not get fed. ” A good mantra for us all.

9* A tendency to question

A questioning nature can also factor into relationship anxiety.

You might need to ask yourself about all possible issues of a situation before deciding on a path. Or perhaps you just have a habit of precisely considering every decision.

Still, even after you ’ve made them, you ’ll likely spend some time questioning your relationship, If you tend to ask yourself a lot of questions about your choices. This is n’t always a problem. In fact, it’s generally healthy to take time to suppose about choices you make, especially significant ones( like romantic commitment).

It could come an issue, however, if you find yourself stuck in an endless pattern of questioning and self-doubt that does n’t go anywhere productive.


10* Ex Communication

“ One major cause of anxiety in relationship is ongoing communication with an Ex, This not only causes anxiety but can lead to doubt and eventually a breakups. ” No good.However, it should be explained to the new person you’re dating why the communication is necessary, “ If you have to communicate with your Ex ” And if you don’t have to do it, don’t — especially if it makes your current boo uncomfortable. Onward and overhead.

11* Money

Money is a major cause of anxiety in relationship, People aren’t generally honest about money — until there’s a problem. ” And also it’s formerly too late.

“ It can be the discovery of an incompatibility in saving and spending, or a retired job loss — people are shamed of this type of loss — or a retired bank account or regular expenditure. Whatever the case may be, it’s unattractive.

“ In addition, lots of couples thinks that love conquers all, until they marry the poor minstrel and realize that the expenses of replacing the hot water heater is stressing them out and that poor minstrel they love is looking like a drag without a real job, things change.money in relationship is a constant. Deal with it or face anxiety.

12* Fear Of Abandonment

“ One of the major causes of anxiety in a relationship is the fear of rejection or the fear of abandonment. Our own insecurities are frequently imaged back to us by our mates. ” It’s natural to worry about similar things, but rather of keeping it to yourself, talk about it.

“ Rather than allow those insecurities to incubate anxiety, name those things with your mate so they can support you in those spaces of growth that are there for you.

13* Jealousy

“ Jealousy is one of the biggest causes of anxiety in relationship, Jealousy stems from a lack of trust, and a lack of trust generally comes from low self-esteem. ” So make up your self-esteem, and you ’ll have a better shot at sidestepping this one. “ In proposition, the best way to work on jealousy is to work on erecting up your own self-esteem.


14* Fear Of Losing Love

There’s a popular incorrect belief that frequently comes up in relationship “ If I am not,, also she or he’ll stop loving me, and it keeps people so much inside their heads that they are not paying attention to their mates or enjoying the relationship. ” Danger zone. Paying attention to your mate and enjoying your relationship is how you insure both — your mate and your relationship — are healthy and happy.

How Does Relationship Anxiety Affect Us?

As we exfoliate light into our past, we snappily realize there are numerous early influences that have shaped our attachment pattern, our cerebral defenses and our critical inner voice. All of these factors contribute to our relationship anxiety and can lead us to sabotage our love lives in numerous ways. Harkening to our inner critic and giving in to this anxiety can affect in the following conduct

1* Cling

When we feel anxious, our tendency may be to act hopeless toward our mate. We may stop feeling like the independent, strong people we were when we entered the relationship. As a result, we may find ourselves falling apart easily, acting jealous or insecure or no longer engaging in independent activities.

2* Control

When we feel threatened, we may essay to dominate or control our mate. We may set rules about what they can and can’t do just to palliate our own feelings of insecurities or apprehensiveness. This behavior can alienate our mate and strain resentment.

3* Reject

Still, one defense we may turn to is aloofness, If we feel upset about our relationship. We may come cold or rejecting to cover ourselves or to beat our mate to the punch. These action can be subtle or overt, yet it’s nearly always a sure way to force distance or to stir up insecurity in our mate.

4* Withhold

Sometimes, as opposed to unequivocal rejection, we tend to withhold from our mate when we feel anxious or hysterical. Maybe things have gotten close, and we feel stirred up, so we retreat. We hold back little affections or give up on some aspect of our relationship altogether. Withholding may feel like a unresistant act, but it’s one of the quietest killers of feeling and attractions in a relationship.

5* Punish

Sometimes, our response to our anxiety is more aggressive, and we actually discipline, taking our feelings out on our mate. We may yell and scream or give our mate the cold shoulder. It’s important to pay attention to how important our actions are a response to our mate and how important are they a response to our critical inner voice.

How to manage it

6* Retreat

When we feel scared in a relationship, we may give up real acts of love and intimacy and retreat into a “fantasy bond.” A fantasy bond is an illusion of connection that replaces real acts of love. In this state of fantasy, we focus on form over substance. We may stay in the relationship to feel secure but give up on the vital parts of relating. In a fantasy bond, we often engage in many of the destructive behaviors mentioned above as a means to create distance and defend ourselves against the anxiety that naturally comes with feeling free and in love.

How to manage relationship anxiety.

If your relationship anxiety is interfering with your relationship, it is possible to overcome it. “An awareness of attachment styles helps to explain our potential blocks to trust, close connection, and intimacy in adulthood, So getting clear on your attachment style and what past experiences have shaped your attachment style is a helpful starting place.

As you begin to unpack where your relationship fears come from, it can be helpful to seek the guidance of a therapist or counselor, to help work through the past experiences at the root of the problem. In time, through communication and trust, you can build a healthy relationship with a healthy amount of anxiety (because, again, a little is normal).

And just because you have relationship anxiety, that doesn’t mean the person is wrong for you. If the real underlying issue is your own wounds and insecurities, you can experience those fears and triggers with anyone.

But there are instances when relationship anxiety isn’t completely unfounded, There can be real red flags or things that don’t add up that can rightfully trigger suspicion. Distinguishing between what’s real and what’s a projection is key.

“How much of this anxiety is a sign you need to pay attention to, and then how much of it is you getting triggered because you care?. Folks have to do that inner work to discern what’s going on there. And if you determine it’s your own stuff that’s getting triggered, that’s when you start doing your own work.

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