18 better ways to stop being (possessive) in relationship

Healthy intimate relationship are one of the biggest joy in life, bringing companionship, laughter and passion into both mates’lives. When your relationship is grounded on trust, it serves as a lifeboat, anchor and passage that keeps you round, secure and filled with purpose. When jealousy corrodes the trust and respect in your cooperation, the relationship becomes a weight that hinders particular progress.

Understanding how to stop being jealous in a relationship is a prerequisite for a healthy union. No matter what baggage the other person brings to the table, you can work on yourself to constrain jealousy and produce a meaningful cooperation.

Ways to stop being possessive in relationship

What are the causes of possessiveness?

Before you tie your hipsterism and made up your mind to solve any problem, you need to understand easily the causes that lead one to be possessive by nature

1* Lack of trust

Lack of trust in any relationship can lead to possessiveness. But then trust and love are equally related because it isn’t necessary if a person loves the other he/ she also trusts him/ her. Maybe two people could love each other but that doesn’t mean they trust each other. This feeling could beget possessiveness.

Counting too important Typically, it has been plant that counting too much on a person or spending too important time on the studies of a particular person leads one to be jealous or maybe it plants the seeds of possessiveness in one’s heart.


Desire also leads to possessiveness and humans by nature have this element in them from the birth. Solicitations have no consummations and the more one desires the more one becomes jealous. This adds energy to the fire.


3* insecurity

When one becomes jealous by nature also he/ she also doubts the relationship. He/ she feels insecure and does things which should be avoided. This further splits the relationship into corridor.

4* Lack of one’s space

Each person needs some space in his/ her life and no one should come within that limited space. If one does also surely it’s only going to hurt the relationship in the long run.

Ways to stop being possessive in relationship

1* Live Your Own Life

Still, your own job, and your own social life, If you have your own pursuits. It’s important to spend time together, of course, but it’s also a good thing to spend some time piecemeal and have different things to talk about and share when you’re together.

2* Give time for one- love

Jealousy and possessiveness in relationship have a lot to do with your one- regard.

Insecurity makes people hold tightly to the things they treasure, indeed if it means holding on way too tight.

Learn to love yourself by

Spending time alone doing effects that bring you joy.
Getting to know who you’re deep down.
Literacy to thrive outside of your relationship.
Going to remedy
Taking care of yourself physically ( eat well, exercise, meditate, and get plenitude of rest!).
Celebrating your small palms.

3* Don’t Be Overbearing

The further you obsess that your mate is n’t being honest with you or does n’t love you, the more you’ll scarify them down. No one wants to be bound to a indigent person, so don’t push all the worries and fears stemming from your own issues on your mate. Believe that they love you because they chose to get into a relationship with you.However, they might start wondering if the relationship is worth it, If you make your mate feel like they’ve done something evil indeed when they have n’t.

4* Own up to your mistakes

As a jealous woman or man, you need to admit your part in your relationship straits. Taking responsibility for your mistakes will show your partner that you ’re serious about learning how to stop being jealous. It’ll also be a chance for growth grounded on one- reflection

Trust Your Partner And Yourself

5* Find Ways To Calm Your Anxiety

There are numerous ways to calm your anxiety. Exercise awareness and breathing exercises. These things allow us to sit comfortably with our feelings and thoughts without allowing them to control our geste or getting overpowered by them.

6* Figure out your jealousy

Still, you must start by questioning yourself, If you want to change your possessiveness. Your insecurities may stem from a betrayal in the past or a childhood experience. By asking yourself some hard- hitting questions, you ’ll be suitable to get to the root of your problems and learn to overcome possessiveness.

7*Get To Know Each Other’s friends

A great way to stop feeling unnecessarily jealous is to get familiar with each other’s friends and socialcircles.However, you’ll know for sure that there’s no reason to worry, If you’re apprehensive of who your mate is spending time with. In fact, you may indeed like their friends and want to hang out with them as well!

8* Don’t let the monster kill you

Don’t let Mr. Jealousy Monster kill you and your relationship. Whenever you feel jealous, talk about your fears and things with your mate. Remember, communication is the only key to make your relationship successful. Don’t let the red-eyed monster, get inside you and kill you from the insecurities. Give yourself time and choose to stay quiet if you have wrathfulness issues along with jealous nature.

9* Find a way to feel calm.

When you feel stressed-out about a situation, it can feel like you ’re losing control over that aspect of your life. This loss of control could make you hold on too tight to others things. This might mean being jealous or jealous of your mate.

By espousing some ways to manage your stress, you can help this from passing.

There a numbers of copping techniques to try such as contemplation, reading, or exercise. You just have to find the right technique for you.

Learn to recognize the signs that you ’re getting stressed-out or anxious and combat it with a managing medium. It could stop you feeling overwhelmed and help a toxic situation from forming in your relationship.

10* Try To Find The Root Of The Problem

Why do you feel so insanely possessive in your relationship? Whether it’s a because of an experience from a once relationship or something that may have happed in your childhood, you need to figure out what’s making you feel and act in this disturbing way. It’ll surely help you come to terms with your insecurities issues and conquer them, which, in turn, will make you feel more confident and help you make better relationship in the future.

11* Trust Your Partner And Yourself

Trust is the key to a healthy, secured, happy, and successful relationship. But people frequently feel very insecure about their mates because they project their own issues onto them. When you start feeling jealous and insecure, you need to do some self- reflection to figure out if the problem is really something they did or if the problem is you.

12* Share your insecurities.

Vocalizing your insecurities with your mate could stop you reaching the point of getting possessive.However, you are n’t giving them the occasion to console you and find a result together, If they don’t know how you feel.

As close as you might be with your mate, they can’t see into your head. You can’t anticipate them to know everything you ’re thinking and feeling if you do n’t tell them.

If you are worried about them going somewhere without you, tell them before they go so they know how to make efforts to check in with you while they ’re away, . They might not be suitable to drop everything to stay with you, but you can find a compromise that works for you both.

Sharing your feelings not only gets your fears out in the open, but it also helps explain them by speaking them audibly. It’s an occasion to trust your mate to be there for you and to hear. It’ll strengthen your bond together for the future.

13* Be more affectionate.

As your relationship moves out of the honeymoon phase, you might worry that the feelings between you’re cooling off because you ’re no longer so physical all the time.

Still, you might overcompensate by getting jealous of your mate to keep the relationship together, If you come anxious over what this means for your future.

Rather than keep it together, getting jealous is more likely to drive you piecemeal.

Rather, start introducing affection back into your relationship. Simple gestures like a clinch, a kiss, or indeed a compliment can make all the difference. It’ll encourage your mate to start doing the same reverse


14*Do n’t Get Paranoid

There are numerous people who get fully paranoid when they aren’t apprehensive of what their mate is doing at all times. They may worry that their significant other is flirting with someone differently while at work, or they’re hanging out with the wrong kind of people. This kind of paranoia can be extremely dangerous. It not only makes you misdoubt your mate but also affects your peace of mind and well- being. Rather, just let your mate be. Learn to trust that they will value you above everyone differently.

15* Communicate with each other.

Still, it’s a high occasion for our worst fears to start playing out in our head, If we feel in the dark about our mate’s conditioning.

By communicating with each other, you help this and begin erecting trust. You avoid the problem of miscommunication and the eventuality to overthink a situation.

Don’t Spy On Your Partner

16* Don’t Spy On Your Partner

Admit it — everyone has done it at least once! Going through emails of an account that has been left open, taking a peep at the cybersurfer history, scrolling through textbook dispatches … It may feel inoffensive and normal to you, but it’s creating cracks in your relationship. You may suppose there’s something to find, and that thought hurts the trust you both have – or, rather, should have. Also, it’ll get really awkward if they catch you doing it! Learn to keep yourself busy with healthy thoughts and acts.

17* See independence as a good thing.

Time spent together is about quality, not quantity. Being jealous of your mate’s time and attention won’t make them love you more; it’ll come tyrannous and end up pushing them down.

Independence in a relationship makes that relationship stronger. Spending time apart doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.

You ’ll begin to begrudge each other and stop appreciating the time you spend together if you don’t give each other the freedom to do your own thing.

To be at your best as a couple, you need to be at your best as individual. Allow each other the time and space to do what makes you both happy so you can bring that joy back into your relationship.

18* Seek Therapy

Then, also therapy might be an excellent avenue for you, If you’re questioning your behavior.

Therapy can help you figure out the root of the problems you ’re facing. Your therapist will help you decrypt why you’re flaunting possessiveness and companion you to overcome it.

Thanks for reading, share to educate others and don’t forget to like and comment your opinion in the comment section. See you next time and have a marvelous day


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