Silent treatment in (relationship): What type of person gives the silent treatment?

There are times in relationship when being silent is respectable and indeed productive. For case, a couple, or indeed just one mate, may take a thoughtful downtime from a heated argument to cool off or gather their studies. What distinguishes this silence from the silent treatment is that the downtime is aware and there’s an supposition or agreement that they will readdress the content again latterly.

Silent treatment in relationship

There are also cases when a victim of abuse is silent as a way to stay safe and keep an formerly abusive situation from raising. In these situations, the victim knows that saying something — indeed if their mate demands it — will only escalate the situation and lead to further abuse.

Still, you’ve presumably heard the old word,” silence is golden, If you are like utmost people.”But when it comes to marriage, is that really the case? most psychologists indicate that it depends on the situation.

When silence, or, rather, the turndown to engage in a discussion, is used as a control tactic to ply power in a relationship, also it becomes”the silent treatment,”which is poisonous, unhealthy, and abusive But, if being silent means simply taking a downtime to suppose things through and also address the issue again latterly, that isn’t at each the same thing.

Reason people use silent treatment in a relationship include

1* Avoidance

In some cases, people stay silent in a discussion because they don’t know what to say or want to avoid conflict.

2* Communication

A person may use the silent treatment if they don’t know how to express their feelings but want their mate to know that they’re worried.

3* Punishment

Still, this is a form of emotional abuse, If a person uses silence to discipline someone or to ply control or power over them.

Is silent treatment abusive

People may be using silence in an abusive way if

1* they intend to hurt another person with their silence

2* the silence lasts for extended ages of time

3* the silence only ends when they decide it does

4* they talk to other people but not to their partner

5* they seek alliances from others

6* they use silence to condemn their mate and make them feel shamefaced

7* they use silence to manipulate or “ ameliorate” their mate, or to press them to change their behavior

How to know when silent treatment is abusive

Before diving into ways to respond to the silent treatment, it’s important to know how to fete when it becomes abusive

Occasionally, going silent may be the stylish thing to avoid saying effects you would latterly lament. People might also use it in moments where they do n’t know how to express themselves or feel overwhelmed.


But some people use the silent treatment as a tool for plying power over someone or creating emotionaldistance.However, you might feel fully ostracized, If you ’re on the entering end of this kind of treatment.

It’s delicate to live that way, so you might be tempted to do everything you can to get back in their good graces, which perpetuates the cycle.

Exploration shows that constantly feeling ostracized can reduce your self- regard and sense of belonging. It can leave you feeling like you ’re without control. This thing may be more violent when it’s done by someone close to you as a form of punishment

Reasons people use silent treatment in relationship

How to Deal With The Silent Treatment

So how can you deal with the silent treatment? The answer is deceivingly simple. You ’re going to have to use your words (I know, ugh). Whether you’re the person entering or giving the silent treatment, there are conduct you can take to start a discussion.

1* Acknowledge The Other Person’s feelings and Partake Your Own.

Being heard and seen is one of our introductory requirements as humans. Admitting your partner’s feelings not only validates their experience, it creates space for a larger discussion. Through larger exchanges, you can lay the foundation for trust and signal that you ’re interested in understanding their point of view while being honest about how the silent treatment makes you feel.

2* Suggest next Steps

When I’ve to bring up any type of problem or issue in a situation, I try to always have next way to bring to the table. This helps me keep the discussion concentrated and down from getting caught in the blame game.

Communicating after the silent treatment is sensitive ground to cover, so keep it simple and state your boundaries and avoid emotional minefields. Frequently, the silent treatment is an suggestion that one or both people need a little bit of space to sort effects out.

3* Name The Experience

You can avoid the silent treatment by compassionately admitting what you ’re feeling. Avoid allegations or hostile language and try not to overthink it. I know for me, a simple “ I know I ’ve been quiet recently” or “ Hey, I noticed you ’re not responding to me” opens the door to healthier communication.

How Long Should The Silent Treatment Last

Considering that the silent treatment can be an effective tool in diffusing pressures and resolving conflict, handed it’s used rightly, you may find yourself wondering how long should the silent treatment last. And with good reason too. Figuring out the answer to this question is pivotal as the duration of the silent treatment can be a crucial determining factor between whether it’s being used to end a impasse or a tool of emotional abuse.

The silent treatment will be effective only and only when used as a means to produce just enough space for allowing both partners to work through their own feelings, gather their studies and readdress a point of contention more pragmatically. When used to force the other into submission, the lines between silent treatment and emotional abuse can snappily come blurred.

As with anything additional involving mortal feelings and connections, it’s hard to put a definitive timeline on how long should the silent treatment last. But if you frequently find yourself wondering,”Will he come back after the silent treatment?”or”Am I pushing her down by giving her the silent treatment?”, also these broad timelines can be helpful.

1* Do not let it stretchable

Silent treatment will be effective only when mates reconnect snappily and make an trouble to work through their issues. So, one clear answer to how long should the silent treatment last is to not let it stretch for days, weeks ormonths.However, also you are venturing into the tricky home of silent treatment and emotional abuse ·
If you hold off communication in a shot to get your mate to submit to your will or apologize.

2* Break the silence in a few hours

How long should the silent treatment last? The answer to this question also depends on your circumstances and the issue athand.However, do not let the pressure poach for too long, If you are together at home and have a showdown over commodity routine. The stylish way to use the silent treatment effectively in this situation is to end it after a many hours.

3* Need further time? Communicate

Still, if you and your mate are floundering with some serious issues, also either one or both of you may need further time to make sense of your feelings and figure out how stylish to downsize the pressures.
Indeed so, distant and withdrawn durations can make your mate insecure.”Will he come back silent treatment?””She will not talk to me. Is the relationship over?” Dubieties like these can begin to persecute their mind. So, if you need further time, reach out to your mate and communicate this to them, calmly, easily and without blame or allegations ·

4* Factor in the distance

When trying to figure out how long should the silent treatment last, the physical distance between you and your partner is also an important factor to consider. For case, if you are in along- distance relationship, long spells of silent treatment can do further detriment than good. Likewise, if you are both busy and unfit to be together, dragged silence can drive a wedge between you two. In such a situation, the silent treatment will be effective only if lasts no longer than a day.

How silent treatment affects Relationship

In most cases, using the silent treatment isn’t a productive way to deal with a disagreement.

Illustration indicates that both men and women use the silent treatment in connections. Still, clear and direct communication is essential for healthy connections. Using the silent treatment prevents people from resolving their conflicts in a helpful way.

When one partner wants to talk about a problem but the other withdraws, it can beget negative feelings similar as wrathfulness and torture. people who regularly feel ignored also report lower situations of tone- regard, belonging, and meaning in their lives.

Because of this, the silent treatment can have an impact on the health of a relationship, indeed if the person who’s silent is trying to avoid conflict.

A person with a partner who avoids conflict is more likely to continue a disagreement because they’ve not had an occasion to bandy their grievances.

How to deal with silent treatment in relationship


Why you should absolutely avoid treating your partner with the silent treatment.

1* It’s actually a form of emotional abuse

The act has been severally classified as a way of emotionally abusing your partner.

Still, also staying silent is being smart, “ If you need to remain quiet for operation of your wrathfulness.

“ What separates the silent treatment from a good conflict operation skill is the intent behind it and how long it lasts.

When it’s used to hurt or discipline, also it’s bad. When it goes past a many hours, which is long enough for all of us to cool down and get past any hurt passions, also it can come vituperative.”

All by each, controversies in connections aren’t avoidable but duly managing these controversies with communication and positive conduct will help make better, stronger bonds.

2* It destroys the communication in your relationship

A relationship where issues don’t get bandied isn’t a healthy bone and you don’t need this.

Rather of setting up and denying your mate the occasion of clarifying situations, it’s better to tell them to give you a bit of time.

And make sure you don’t let it drag on for too long. Do n’t let communication in your relationship suffer similar destructive successes.

3* It brings about resentment

Still, you ’re laterally telling your mate that communication with them isn’t worth it, If you constantly resort to withdrawing into a shell when commodity happens in your relationship.

And imagine being in a relationship with someone whose way of dealing with issues is to grump and refuse to say anything for days on end.

Similar behavior leads to resentment. Undiscussed issues that leave room for resentment to grow.

4* The intimacy in your relationship suffers

It goes without saying that a relationship wherein one partner is resentful and the other refuses to communicate will suffer in closeness.

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