I never knew (I could fail in love with anyone ).

Emeka never knew he could fall in love with anyone on earth, while growing up. He noway had a precious family, his pater always beat, and cried at his mama. They kept on jarring everyday.
He was veritably tender at age while seeing them fighting. Emeka would always cry and go inside his room. He made a decision noway to fall in love with anyone. While in secondary academy Emeka always stayed alone because of the emotional detriment caused by his parents. So he decided never to associate with anyone.
He never played or read with anyone. Emeka was a veritably intelligent child while growing up. On preparing for their Elderly Secondary School Certificate Examination, Adaeze a veritably beautiful and intelligent girl, who latterly came his counsel approached Emeka but he noway wanted to talk to her because he did not have any affection towards her. During the break hour, Adaeze would always come to Emeka and ask if he was reading his hooks He’d reply yes. She always encouraged him and told him to study his book for the forthcoming examination, but he noway held to her advice. Not until their mock test, he could not prepare because of the situation of his family. The results came out.
The maturity of his classmates scored veritably well, but he did not do well. Adaeze was not happy because Emeka did not do well in his mock test. She asked him,”Emeka what is bothering you?”but he said he was fine. Adaeze claimed that he must tell her what was on his mind. He was left with no choice than to tell her, He recited every bit of the story to her. Adaeze felt sorry for him. She encouraged and give him some words of advice. She also converted him to read veritably hard concerning the forthcoming examination.
On getting home, Emeka felt relieved from his worries. He was so agitated all of a cudden felt loved and choriched.

Throughout the day, he kept on allowing about Adaeze. The coming morning, he appreciated Adaeze for her concern and requested her fellowship. Adaeze kept encouraging him. In fact, their relationship was the most memorable thing in Emeka’s memory.
Their relationship came veritably strong to the extent that they could not do without each other. They studied together and passed their WAEC and NECO with flying colours and got admissions. Emeka was to study deconstruction while Adaeze was a unborn embryologist. On getting to the River State University, their relationship came sweeter as they had lectures together at their lower situations. Adaeze was everything to Emeka. Effects got a little bitter for the youthful suckers when Adaeze started suspecting Emeka for dating a girl in his department. Still, they weren’t resolve piecemeal.

On 20th June, 2018 their faculty had a field trip to Yankari Game Reserve. While swimming in a swash, Adaeze who had been suffering from Asthma had cardiac arrest. She was not with her inhaler. Sorely enough, the party did not go with a first aid provision for similar disease. So, her breathing came so poor that everyone was complexed. They could not help the situation as Adaeze was panting hopelessly. Emeka carried his squeeze with no direction of what to do but he adhered what his instinct suggested to him. He tried his stylish to save his bestie. Adaeze goggled into his eyes. She gave up the ghost after telling him”remember me”. It was a veritably painful experience for him. Emeka plant it delicate to manage with his experience but time latterly healed his crack. Three years latter, he got married to one of his secondary academy mates who was also kind to him like Adaeze.

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